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At Town & Country Butchers in Katherine, we do out best to cover all price ranges. We offer 3 different pricing ranges at our wholesale and retail butcher shop. Please read this page for details on our pricing structure, or visit us in Katherine and see our great selection for yourself!

Top grade MSA beef

MSA is a grading system that the Meat industry has developed to guarantee eating quality. Having spent close to $200 Million and with over 600,000 taste tests in the last 12 years, the cattle are graded at the abattoir on approximately 12 different characteristics (Age, Breed, Meat Colour, Fat Colour, Acidity etc).

The Industry does not differentiate between High Grade and Low Grade MSA. The meat can either be Grainfed or Grassfed and we label it as such.

Y-YG Yearling beef

This is what I regard as the base grade for Yearling Cattle. It is a very 'hit and miss' grade as it is a grade that is defined only by the age of the cattle and not by the quality. Thus, you can buy some very good Yearling beef from British Bred cattle on lush grass or you can buy less quality beef of the same age. It is the most popular grade in butcher shops.

Budget beef

Sourced from the Grandmother Herd, this Grade is normally sold by major supermarket chains as their “base grade”. The chance of this beef being tender is not very high, making it more suited to stews, curries or other slow cooked dishes. 

Outside butcher shop Fresh meat Butcher merchandise

Other instore products

As a local business, we support other Northern Territory businesses in Katherine and the regional districts. Hilton and June Graham are South African local business people that now make and sell Traditional Dried Biltong in Katherine.

Town & Country Butchers is also in the process of talking with Gumbalanya Meats. We will supply businesses with a range of fresh N.T buffalo ranging from buffalo burgers to buffalo sausages, and a hit last year: Buffalo Black Russian Roasts.

Other great products

  • Kangaroo tails
  • Kangaroo backstraps
  • Roo sausages
  • Croc legs
  • N.T buffalo steaks
  • Buff burgers
  • Coming soon: camel, emu and anything else on 2 legs or 4


  • Barramundi
  • Cooked prawns
  • Green prawns
  • Prawn cutlets
  • Oysters
  • Squid tubes
  • Scallops
  • Mussels N.Z
  • Crocodile fillets

Depending of the time of the year, we can source all seafood products.

Prices do vary, but we aim to get the best price possible and where we can we buy Australian products from South Australia.